Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DiverseCity onBoard - Open the Doors to Your City

One may not think themselves as being able to sit on a board of directors for local non-profit, but the truth is so many of us have much to offer. With Boards throughout the city often seeking membership, obtaining such a position can open many doors, both professionally and personally. Further still, you don’t need to serve on the board of a publicly traded company to reap the benefits of board service. Serving on a local nonprofit board or joining the board of a trade association can get you in the spotlight, build your network and help you increase your business knowledge. From the perspective, of a newcomer to Canada, the power of this opportunity increases tenfold.

In addition to the career reasons for serving on a board of directors, you can gain an opportunity to make a difference in your community or profession. Board service gives you a strong voice regarding a charity or trade association’s mission. If you serve on a for-profit board, you’ll have more say regarding the company’s policies and business practices. If you’re looking to give back, board service is one way to do that. Once again, from the perspective of those new to the city this becomes and great opportunity to not only become a part of one's community, but to make the community a part of you.

Canadian cities are among the most diverse regions of the world, with immigrants and visible minorities comprising an increasing share of their population. There are more than 170,000 nonprofit and charitable organizations in Canada, many of which are headquartered in our urban centres. All are governed by boards of directors, drawn from members of the public. In addition, municipal, provincial and federal governments appoint thousands of citizens to serve the public good on their many agencies, boards and commissions. However, there is a disconnect between who sit on these boards and the increasing diversity of the population.

Bow Valley College's DiverseCity onBoard Training program directly addresses this challenge with a board matching service that identifies, trains and facilitates the placement of qualified candidates in governance roles on not-for-profit organizations and public agencies, boards and commissions. We provide online governance training that is available to everyone, anywhere, including individuals who are not part of our matching program.

DiverseCity onBoard bridges the diversity gap in governance and raises the standard for modern governance. It is the “go-to” program that provides governance training for everyone and connects qualified candidates from underrepresented groups to not-for-profit organizations and public agencies, boards and commissions. Training is provided through an online learning campus supplemented with in-person discussions and events. Connections are made through a searchable database that matches qualified diverse individuals with board opportunities. DiverseCity onBoard promotes full inclusion, working with individuals and organizations to diversify boards and reap the benefits diversity provides.  For more information on this program visit their website.

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