Thursday, August 11, 2016

CIES Summer Festival - Brazilian Capoeira & Samba Performance

The list of Performers for the 2016 CIES Summer Festival on August 16th at the ArtBOX on 17E (1807 42 St SE) continues to grow and this year will include Capoeira Camara Calgary.  Capoeira Camara offers instruction in Capoeira, a form of martial art developed in Brazil over 400 years ago that combines self-defence with elements of Brazilian culture, music, dance and acrobatics.

Mestre Bola (Marinaldo Da Silva) founded Capoeira Camara in 2005 which now includes academies in Toronto, Peterborough, Montreal, and Calgary, Canada, Bermuda, Russia and Brazil. Professor Frankenstein teaches dedicated students in Calgary and always welcomes new faces! Visit their website for more information and for a quick peek at what to expect next week at the Festival watch below.

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