Friday, August 5, 2016

MP Kent Hehr @ CIES

Yesterday CIES was privileged with a visit from MP and Minister of Veterans Affairs Kent Hehr. Kent gave a speech on Canada's proud tradition of democracy and afterwards took questions, of any and all kinds, from the audience. A gifted public speaker and all round nice guy, Kent charmed the room of nearly 100 people, on his way to informing them about just how important democracy is and how it works at all levels.

After an informative presentation laced with humour and fun, the selfie line up was lined up outside the room and the questions were sometimes from out of left field, but Kent made time for every single person. It's easy to see why our Prime Minster named him to his cabinet, as he is not only an informed and concerned citizen, but as patient and approachable as one could ever ask a politician to be.

A big thank you to Kent for stopping by and spending some time with us here at CIES and keep up the great work! For more pictures of the event CLICK HERE.

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