Monday, March 21, 2016

CIES attends Major Minor Music Project's Second Show

Do you mostly listen to music while travelling from one place to another or when working out? When you think about music, do your MP3's, your iPod and headphones come to mind? If you can’t remember the last time you saw a live performance, the Major Minor Music Project is for you.

The project, brought to the community in association with the International Avenue Business Revitalization Zone, and promoted by CIES, is a great opportunity to take in live music that's always free and always all ages.

Old Wives, 36?, Bad Animal, Potato Rocket and Chained by Mind were at the artBOX on 17E this passed Saturday night, all of whom performed at no cost, and a great evening of music for all was the result. It lead us to think of how attending a live music event is actually a great opportunity to unplug from our devices and enjoy the present moment. There is so much to see, hear, and feel at a performance, and spending so much time plugged in these days we can easily forget music doesn't come out of a device or a cloud. People make music. It takes passion, creativity, energy, and commitment, all of which you see and feel at a live performance. Shared musical experiences will also very often become memories that last a lifetime. You will always remember the time your friends got together to see your favourite band or the new group who surprised you with their talent or message. Above all else, the feeling of being completely absorbed by and immersed in music to then look around the room to see you’re surrounded by so many others having the same experience is something only a live show can bring you.

CIES is proud to work in promoting this worthwhile endeavour and would like to thank both the Major Minor Music Project and the International Ave BRZ for making these shows possible. The next gig is next month and a shift over to Hip Hop could make for shift in perspective and yet another entertaining night of music. More details coming soon! For more pictures of Saturday's show CLICK HERE, 

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