Monday, March 21, 2016

CJSW interviews CIES

Another part of a yet another busy weekend for CIES, was accepting an invitation from CJSW 90.9 to come down to their University of Calgary Campus Studio to talk with Daryl Leman, host of Speaking in Tongues. For two hours every week Speaking in Tongues features the widest possible range of traditional and popular sounds from around the planet, from obscure to the newest of new releases being highlighted on the global stage. With CIES having an up and running seven day of week intentional stage of people from all corners of the world here in Calgary, it seemed like a perfect fit for us to come down and talk with Daryl.

Our topic of conversation focused on the racism and prejudiced behaviour that has seen an up tick in recent months and its alignment with the Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation's Anti-Racism Film Festival, that will take place tonight, March 21st at 6 pm at the John Dutton Theatre. The CIES Community Investors Series, the digital narrative changing how we get our viewpoints out to the populace at large, the recent political atmosphere of both Canada and down south, all the up to what it means to be Canadian were also discussed in a lively conversation.

CJSW has been on the air for more than 30 years and has played an important role in the landscape of independent radio, media, the arts and culture here in Calgary since its inception. Once the snotty nosed new kid on the block, CJSW is an established, professional and important par of our community, and its 250+ volunteers and staff make it one of the most successful stations of its kind in all of North America, From punk, blues, folk and world; from international acts to local bands trying to make good, and talk radio that gives the city’s many cultural communities a voice, CJSW is, in a word, Calgary. It was our honour to sit in on Speaking in Tongues and CIES would like to extend our thanks to both CJSW and Daryl Leman for inviting us to their studios and helping us get out what is an important message. To hear the interview in its entirety simply click below.

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