Friday, March 11, 2016

CIES Short Film to be Screened @ Anti-Racism Film Festival

CIES is proud to announce their short film production, "Broken Heart Of The West," will be screened at the upcoming Anti-Racism Film Festival The festival takes place on Monday March 21st, at 6 at the John Dutton Theatre (616 McLeod Trail SE). The short film features, among others, Calgary East MLA Robyn Luff, International Avenue's Business Revitalization Zone CEO Alison Karim-McSwiney, along with a first hand testimonial of a local victim of racism.

The fact of the matter is that racism exists. One can argue how much or how little, but this is less significant than the actions and behaviours themselves. Part of the root cause is that many of us will live out our entire lives without ever truly experiencing being unlike all those with which we surround ourselves. It’s hard for many to understand what it’s like to walk into a room and have everyone take notice of our presence simply for being the only one. To fathom the self-image born from being a member of what society calls a minority can be very complicated for those standing amidst the towering forest of the status quo. Perhaps most importantly, it’s difficult to comprehend the enveloping sense of judgement and conversely, the tremendous feeling of solidarity amongst the membership of a societal out-group.

Throughout human history race has been our most defining characteristic. By extension, race has consistently produced powerful forms of judgement and continues to do so today. Although the concept of race scientifically does not exist and is purely a social phenomenon, the social reality of race permeates every part of human life. And that is what The Anti-Racism Film Festival is addressing. Tickets to the event are free, but you must register online and can do so here. All of us here at CIES hope to see you there to support this very worthy cause. For a preview of Broken Heart of the West, simply click below.

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