Monday, March 28, 2016

Community Investors XII - The Kerby Centre

The twelfth non-profit highlighted in the CIES Community Investors Series is the Kerby Centre. The Kerby Centre strives to assist older people to live as well as possible, for as long as possible, as residents in the community.

Regardless at what point in our lives we find ourselves, to  lead dignified lives as equal and essential members of society would be what all of us want and with the world undergoing a rapid demographic shift, the challenges are not in the increased number of seniors but in our innovativeness in adapting our work to ensure the dignity and well-being of each individual. Creating a positive aging society is key to a strong and knowledgeable society and this requires partnerships at all levels of government and individuals. Facing these challenges should be seen as an opportunity to think once again on how we choose to live in the 21st century, and beyond, and how to make the inevitable process of aging an enriching part of our lives.

In 1973, a seniors’ organization took up residence in a building at 1133 – 7 Avenue S.W., Calgary. This building began life as the original campus for Mount Royal College. Once Mount Royal College moved to the Lincoln Park Campus, this building at 1133 – 7 Avenue S.W. was named the Kerby Memorial Building to honour the founder of Mount Royal College, Dr. George William Kerby. Seniors began using the building and calling it the Kerby Centre and hence the organization was named.

Located in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, Kerby Centre is a not-for-profit organization, committed to enhancing the lives of older adults. Since 1973, the Kerby Centre has evolved into one of Canada’s flagship agencies; setting the standard for older adult services, information, and programming. With 203, 072 contacts in 2014, the Kerby Centre is a vital member of Calgary's non profit community. Offering everything form wellness clinics and abuse teams, to wood working workshops and comedy shows, the wide array of educational and recreational resources at the Kerby Centre are invaluable for older adults here in the city of Calgary.

CIES extends its heartfelt thanks for the invaluable contribution the Kerby Centre makes to our city. They are a vital cog in our community's cycle of life and we congratulate them on more than 40 years of service, while wishing a 40 more. For more information, along with volunteer and donation opportunities, please visit their website.

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