Wednesday, March 9, 2016

CIES Family Tree - Viola Olah

With CIES having been a part of the Calgary community for three decades, we have served a quarter of million clients  and employed hundreds of people over the years and our extended family is, in fact, quite extensive. For this edition of the family tree we go back almost 20 years, to 1998 and one Viola Olah (Hutchinson). Viola is a Hungarian raised in Romania, who as a young adult fled the communist rule of Ceausescu and moved to Norway, before immigrating to Canada, originally landing in Vancouver. Quite the journey! In 1998 she arrived in Calgary and looking to both make some connection and contribute to her new community, she began volunteering with CIES. Not long after she was hired on as a full time teacher.

She eventually moved on and took a position with Shell, but these days she is the founder of VH Marketing Ltd. Her company provides dynamic Internet marketing in Calgary, helping businesses since 2009 to achieve a web presence that generates qualified leads and brings in quality business. Her mission is to create online marketing campaigns with the most value for her clients; to be the online marketing company with which businesses trust and parter.

Viola stopped in last week to give a presentation to our Employment Skills Training Class, a program here at CIES that often brings in business contact from Calgary's vast community of professionals  to give advice, counsel, and at times hands-on training on the latest trends in self-marketing, resume writing, job search strategies and more.

Viola is a great example of an immigration success story and is very much symbolic of how Canada was built as a nation. A big thanks to her for stopping by and continuing to contribute to the community of Calgary. For more information about her company, simply visit her website.  

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  1. Thank you for the mention. Much appreciated :).

    CIES is a great organization and I happy and honored to be a tiny part of it.