Friday, March 18, 2016

CIES Family Tree - Heba Khalili

Having been around for nearly three decades, serving a quarter of million clients in that time and employing hundreds of people over the years and our extended family is, in fact, quite extensive. We are also a society that currently employs approximately 80 Calgarians, along with a roster of more than 100 volunteers, while serving more than 1000 clients on a daily basis. In other words, our current family is very sizeable on its own. Heba Khalili, new LINC Coordinator, is one of the many faces of CIES today.

Heba was born in Nablus, Palestine and made the journey to join her husband here in Calgary in 2014. While settling into to her new home, whether it was getting her drivers licence and simply getting to know our city, Heba first took a summer job working for impark before eventually signing up for the CIES Employment Skills Training Program, where she went from never actually typing to over 50 words per minute while gaining a firm grasp of Canadian cultural communication styles. Upon completion, Heba began volunteering for CIES in our SE location and became a jack of all trades helping in admin and at the reception desk. It was due to her hard work in the program and in volunteering with us after graduating, that when an opening arose CIES was quick to hire her and we couldn't be more than happy to have her be a part of the CIES team! Welcome aboard Heba! 

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