Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Diana's Demo Reel - The Calgary Public Library

Your community public library is a vital part of a neighbourhood's stewardship, information, creativity and a sense of belonging. More than just books and banks of computers, libraries are places where people gather to explore, interact, and imagine. Our libraries are community builders, centres for the arts, champions of youth, proponents of child development, houses of knowledge, collectivities of culture and so much more.

Further still, although not often thought of as such libraries are economically efficient. Their model of sharing allows them to serve many people with few resources and as a result often have exceptionally high rates of Return on Investment (ROI). This means that libraries are excellent stewards of public tax dollars, as they use their budgets carefully and get the most value out of every dollar.

That being said, our second episode of Diana's Demo Reel takes us to the Village Square Calgary Public Library, where Diana takes her CLB 7 class to expose them to the wealth of resources offered. CIES would like to send out a big thank you to the staff of the Village Square Library for their hospitality as well as to Jacqueline Miles, Services for Newcomers Librarian, for arranging things for us to do our shoot on site. For pictures of the visit CLICK HERE. And now on with the show...

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